Yun-Bin Zhao  (PhD 1998,  CAS)

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

School of Mathematics

University of Birmingham

Edgbaston B15 2TT

Birmingham, UK

Tel:  +44 0121 414 7092

Fax: +44 0121 414 3393




My research interests are in computational optimization, operations research, compressed sensing, numerical analysis, and machine learning.   Following post-doctoral research at the Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Toronto, I was an Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor at the AMSS, Chinese Academy Sciences.  In 2007, I joined onto the University of Birmingham in United Kingdom as a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer. My research interests include operations researches, computational optimization, sparse optimization, data science, signal processing, compressed sensing, and statistical and machine learning.

Courses taught in 2018/19:   Integer Optimization  (Autumn 2018);    Linear Optimization  (Autumn 2018).   Tutorials for Year 1 and Year 2:   Probability, Statistics, Combinatorics,  Complex Analysis, Multivariable & Vector Analysis, Linear Algebra & Linear Programming.


Office Hours (Autumn 2019):    Thursday 3:45-5:15pm

Editorial Services:

·        Associate Editor:  Applied Mathematics and Computation  (2007--2017)

·       Area Editor:        European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics  (2008--)

·       Editorial board:   Journal of Algebraic Statistics  (2010-2014)





1.      Y. B. Zhao,   Sparse Optimization Theory and Methods,  CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group,  2018.,


Sparse Optimization Theory and Methods   presents the state of the art in theory and algorithms (from optimization perspective) for signal recovery and signal approximation under the sparsity assumption. The up-to-date uniqueness conditions for the sparsest solution of underdertemined linear systems are described. The results for sparse signal recovery under the matrix property called range space property (RSP) are introduced, which is a mild condition for the sparse signal to be recovered by convex optimization methods. This framework is generalized to 1-bit compressed sensing. Two efficient sparsity-seeking algorithms, reweighted l1-minimization in primal space and the algorithm based on complementary slackness property, are presented. The theoretical efficiency of these algorithms is analysed in this book. Under the RSP assumption, the author also provides a unified stability analysis for several popular optimization methods for sparse signal recovery, including l1-mininization, Dantzig selector and LASSO. This book incorporates recent development and author’s latest research in the field that have not appeared in other books.


Publications (selected):


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 Full list of publications (1995-2020)  can be found here.   


 Recent Presentations:


1.   Data (Signal) Reconstruction Algorithms: New stability theory”, 2017/2018

2.   Dual density-based reweighted l1-algorithms for sparse optimization problem”, 2016/2017

3.    Efficiency of l1-minimization for l0-minimization problems: Analysis via the Range Space Property”,  2013/2014.

4.   Locating sparse solutions of underdetermined linear system via the reweighted l1-method”, 2012.