Christopher Parker 

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Christopher Parker 
School of Mathematics
The University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT 

Room: 227

Tel: +44 121 414 6199 
Fax: +44 121 414 3389

Research Interests



Editorial duties

Editor in Chief, Journal of Group Theory.




Current Teaching Duties

Semester One: Mathematical Finance; Advanced Algebra: Modules for Principal Ideal Domains

Research Students

I have three Ph.D. students


         Valentina Grazian (fusion systems of sectional rank 3)

         Athar Waraich (realizing fusion systems)

         Raul Moragues Moncho (fusion systems with an extraspecial subgroup of index p)


Past Research Students


        Eleanor Cassell (PhD). She is studying character degrees and conjugacy class lengths. Here is her thesis PhD Thesis.

        Luke Morgan (PhD). Graphs of valency 5. Here is his MPhil(Qual) and his Thesis PhD Thesis.

        Tom Brookfield (PhD). Generation in finite simple groups. PhD.

        Jason Semeraro (MPhil). He has studied fusion systems. Here's his MPhil.

        Kanchana Atapattu (MPhil). She worked on amalgams. Here is her work MPhil.

        Sarah Astill(PhD). She has classified certain groups of local characteristic 3. Here is her MPhil(Qual) and here is her PhD Thesis.

        Ahlam Fallatah (MPhil). She presented a dissertation on the structure of Coxeter groups.

        Rachel Fowler(PhD). She has characterized the Thompson sporadic group as a completion of a certain 3-local amalgam. Here's her MPhil(Qual) thesis and here is her PhD Thesis.

        Murray Clelland.(PhD). He has written a successful PhD on saturated fusion systems. Here's here is his PhD Thesis.

        Mayam Gomez-Cano (PhD). She has written a successful thesis on the isomorphism type of (Sym(3),Sym(5))-amalgams. Here is her PhD thesis. And here are some of her computer programs.  They are written in MAGMA. Here they are.

        Paul Morey (PhD). He has investigated critical distance $3$ amalgams. Here is his PhD Thesis

        Sandra Covello  (PhD). She has written a successful thesis on the structure of minimal parabolic subgroups in the symmetric groups. In particular, for p >3, she has determined all the soluble minimal parabolic subgroups of Sym(n) . Here is her PhD Thesis.

        Sarah Astill. She has written a successful report on group recognition.  Here is her project.

        Rachel  Abbott (MSci). She has written a successful report on the ZJ-Theorem. Here is her project.

        Andrew Pattison (MSci). He has written a successful report on the modular representation theory of the symmetric groups.

        Ruth Chapman (MSci). She has studied graphs of valency four which have large girth.


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