Abstraction: contents

1. Preliminary pages

The "home" for these pages is at http://web.mat.bham.ac.uk/R.W.Kaye/abstraction/.

  1. Home page.
  2. Contents, this page.
  3. Working style and routine, notes on how to get the most from this (and other) modules.
  4. Background, preface and syllabus (especially for students).
  5. Some information on essay-writing, and how your work will be marked.
  6. How long should your essay be?
  7. Bibliography, a list of books and papers, and other suggestions and web links.
  8. Glossary, definitions of some words used in these web pages.

2. Module content

Most pages here are a commentary or additional information on material in Tim Gowers' book "Mathematics: a very short introduction". They may not make much sense without having read the relevant chapter(s) and having the book to hand.

  1. Models
  2. Natural numbers
  3. Numbers and abstraction
  4. Proofs
  5. Limits
  6. Dimension
  7. Geometry
  8. Estimates and approximations
  9. Frequently asked questions

3. Essay titles

  1. Essays for Week 6 assignment
  2. Essays for Week 11 assignment