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1. Bibliography

The main text we are following in this module is

This is small (smaller than a usual paperback) and short (fewer than 150 pages) and I very very strongly encourage everybody to get a copy for him/herself. In fact I would say it is essential if you want to do well. You might find second-hand or electronic versions, which should be fine. My lectures and web pages will roughly follow the same outline of the book, and you should at least be reading one chapter a week.

If there are any other texts, handouts or recommended web pages I refer to they will be listed here.

One classic that would be good additional reading for most in the class is G.H.Hardy's "A mathematician's apology" (CUP). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Mathematician's_Apology. Written in 1940, this is a classic, by one of the best mathematicians of the day, and Hardy touches on many points in this course. (You will have to forgive his oldfashioned and occasionally non-PC language.)