1. About these pages

These web pages present a web-based course introducing Abstraction in Mathematics and following Tim Gowers' book "Mathematics: a very short introduction" (Oxford University Press, in the "very short introduction" series). A copy of that book will be essential for this course. Page numbers given here refer to the 2002 (first) edition.

Gowers' book is of course copyright. These notes form additional commentary on it and are also copyright.

The author is Dr Richard Kaye, http://web.mat.bham.ac.uk/R.W.Kaye/ Email: R.W.Kaye-at-bham.ac.uk.

Almost all these pages contain mathematics in MathML format, and are rendered in your browser using javascript.

Please email me at R.W.Kaye[at]bham.ac.uk if you find these notes useful, or have any other comment on them.

2. Table of Contents

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