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Probabilistic methods in Graph Theory
25th - 29th March 2012, School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham
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Organisers: Daniela Kühn , Richard Mycroft and Deryk Osthus
Confirmed Participants:

Peter Allen (LSE) Tight Hamilton cycles in random hypergraphs
Ben Barber (Cambridge)
Julia Böttcher (LSE) Powers of Hamilton cycles in pseudo-random graphs
Graham Brightwell (LSE) Random Methods in Partial Orders
Boris Bukh (Cambridge) Generalized Erdos-Szekeres theorems
Demetres Christofides (Queen Mary) Matrix-valued random variables and applications
David Conlon (Oxford) Graph regularity and removal lemmas
Béla Csaba (Birmingham) Embedding spanning trees
Joshua Erde (Cambridge)
Nikolaos Fountoulakis (Birmingham)
Heidi Gebauer (ETH Zurich) The Local Lemma is Tight for SAT
Stefanie Gerke (Royal Holloway) Factors in Random Graphs
Frédéric Havet (INRIA) Decomposing a graph into clique-like sets
Hiep Hàn (Sao Paulo) Turan problem for odd cycles in pseudorandom graphs
Dan Hefetz (Birmingham) Embedding spanning trees in random graphs near the connectivity threshold
Jan Hladky (Warwick) Loebl-Komlos-Sos Conjecture, and structure of sparse graphs
Mihyun Kang (Graz) On the connectivity of random graphs from addable classes
Fiachra Knox (Birmingham)
Alexandr Kostochka (Illinois) K_{s,t}-minors in dense graphs and in (s+t)-chromatic graphs
Daniel Král (Prague) Domination in 3-edge-colored complete graphs
Daniela Kühn (Birmingham)
John Lapinskas (Birmingham)
Imre Leader (Cambridge) Geodesics in Subgraphs of the Cube
Allan Lo (Birmingham)
Eoin Long (Cambridge)
Klas Markström (Umea) Random graphs: ordinary, regular and cayley
Tobias Müller (CWI Amsterdam) Line arrangements and geometric representations of graphs
Richard Mycroft (Birmingham)
Deryk Osthus (Birmingham)
Kostas Panagiotou (MPI) Random Planar Graphs
Viresh Patel (Durham) Graph Partitioning Problems
Yury Person (Berlin) A randomized version of Ramsey's theorem and lower bounds on probability thresholds for Ramsey properties
Diana Piguet (Birmingham)
Oleg Pikhurko (Warwick) Asymptotic Structure of Graphs with the Minimum Number of Triangles
Wojciech Samotij (Cambridge) Sum-free sets in Abelian groups
Jozef Skokan (LSE) Multipartite Version of the Alon-Yuster Theorem
Katherine Staden (Birmingham)
John Talbot (UCL) Extremal problems for the hypercube
Ta Sheng Tan (Cambridge)
Anusch Taraz (Munich) Maximum planar subgraphs in graphs near the minimum degree threshold n/2
Andrew Treglown (Prague) Embedding spanning bipartite graphs of small bandwidth
Jan Volec (Prague) Properties of cubic graphs with large girth and random cubic graphs
Mark Walters (Queen Mary) Random Geometric Graphs
Lutz Warnke (Oxford) Convergence of Achlioptas processes via differential equations with unique solutions
Aston Webb Building
The Aston Webb Building at the University of Birmingham

The workshop will start with a problem session on Sunday evening (7pm - 9pm, at the University Conference Centre). There will be sandwiches available from around 5pm onwards. There will be talks of approximately 30 minutes duration, starting on Monday morning, with the workshop finishing on Thursday at lunchtime. These talks will take place in the Watson building (Lecture Room C). There will be dinner for the participants at the Conference Centre on Monday and Wednesday, and a more formal dinner at a venue nearby on Tuesday evening.

A provisional version of the programme can be found here.

The accommodation will be at the University Conference centre on Edgbaston Park Road.

Support from the EPSRC is gratefully acknowledged.
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