Summer projects 2022 - 23 (University of Birmingham)

The summer is an ideal time for students to explore research opportunities. While there are many informal ways to do so (for example through visiting relevant research seminars and finding an exciting research problem this way), the school of maths has also put together a more formal framework to help connect engaged students with researchers from our department. We provide a list of potential research projects that cover most research areas of the school connected to a large number of supervisors. See the following for the list of supervisor/projects. If you are keen to explore one of these research areas, please contact the associated supervisor to arrange an initial meeting and discuss particulars. This collaboration can develop into a summer research project. There are various sources available to fund these summer projects. Here is an overview of possible stipends:
  1. LMS Undergraduate Research Bursaries (4 projects were funded last year, deadline: 5pm Wednesday 1 February 2023)
  2. The schools of maths in Birmingham and JBJI may provide additional funding (deadline: 23.59pm Sunday 16th April 2023). See the following for how to apply.
  3. EPSRC Vacation Internship Scheme (deadline: 2 June 2023). For full details about the scheme please check their website.

How to find out more?

Contact your supervisor. Here is the list of projects/supervisors (2023).

How much will be paid?

For a 6 week project, the grant will be £278 per week, and £1668 in total, this year (during the summer of 2023).

How to apply?

You can apply through the following links, both deadlines are 16 April 2023. (You may need the information from the list of projects/supervisors (2023).)
  1. Students based at Birmingham (UoB) - Online application 2023 (closed)
  2. Students based at Guangzhou, China (JBJI) - Online application 2023 (closed)
  3. EPSRC Vacation Internship Scheme (deadline: extended to 2 June 2023).

Technical details:

  1. Summer projects are ideally for students between years 2-3 and 3-4. It is always a good time to start building a connection with a research supervisor and when you are ready apply for funding for your research project.
  2. For the LMS bursaries, an expression of interest must be sent to Yuzhao Wang by January 1st and the complete application must be submitted for head of school approval to Yuzhao Wang by January 15th 2023.
  3. The application process is committed to equality of opportunity for all students and applications from individuals are encouraged regardless of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief and marriage and civil partnerships.
  4. We are committed to increasing diversity in the mathematics community. Therefore we particularly encourage applications from groups that are typically underrepresented in STEM. This can include (but is not limited to!) students with disabilities, students from ethnic minority backgrounds, female students, first generation students and students from the LGBTQ+ community.