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Combinatorics Seminar Programme

Autumn Term 2021

If you have any queries, please contact Johannes Carmesin.


30 Sep 15:00 Various Speakers Open Problem Workshop LTA
07 Oct 15:00 Various Speakers Open Problem Workshop, part 2 LTA, additional zoom link:
14 Oct 15:00 Michelle Delcourt, Toronto Reducing Linear Hadwiger's Conjecture to Coloring Small Graphs
21 Oct 15:00 Joseph Hyde, Warwick Progress on the Kohayakawa-Kreuter conjecture LTA, additional zoom link:
28 Oct 15:00 Pascal Gollin, IBS Korea Counting cliques in 1-planar graphs
04 Nov 15:00 Rose McCarty, Waterloo Average degree and bicliques
18 Nov 15:00 Matias Pavez-Signe, Birmingham Degree conditions for spanning hypergraphs LTA, additional zoom link:
25 Nov 15:00 Katherine Staden, Oxford The Erdős-Rothschild problem LTA, additional zoom link:
09 Dec 15:30 Candida Bowtell, Birmingham The n-queens problem LTA, additional zoom link: (NOTE: UNUSUAL TIME)
13 Jan 15:00 Matija Bucic, Princeton Tight Ramsey bounds for multiple copies of a graph LTA, additional zoom link:
20 Jan 15:00 Jan Kurkofka, Birmingham Graph Decompositions LTA, additional zoom link:
27 Jan 13:00 Victor Falgas Ravry, Umea Towards a 1-dependent version of the Harris--Kesten theorem Attention: unusual time, zoom link:


Details of previous combinatorics seminars can be found here.

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