Combinatorics Seminar Programme

Summer 2015

All seminars will be in Physics Poynting Small Lecture Theatre unless stated otherwise. If you have any queries, please contact Richard Mycroft.

Monday 11th May 2015, 2pm Ryan Martin (Iowa State University) Recent progress on diamond-free families.
Thursday 21st May 2015, 2pm Frederik Garbe (University of Birmingham) The complexity of the hypergraph Hamilton cycle problem.
Thursday 28th June 2015, 2pm Stefan Glock (University of Birmingham) Optimal path and cycle decompositions of dense quasirandom graphs.
Thursday 25th June 2015, 2pm Jan Volec (ETH Zurich) Properly colored and rainbow copies of graphs with few cherries.
Tuesday 14th July 2015, 2pm Louis DeBiasio (Miami University) Covers of (pseudo)random graphs by monochromatic subgraphs.
Thursday 16th July 2015, 2pm Hong Liu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) The typical structure of maximal triangle-free graphs.

Details of previous combinatorics seminars can be found here.