Combinatorics Seminar Programme

Summer 2016

All seminars will be in Lecture Theatre A in the Watson building unless stated otherwise. If you have any queries, please contact Will Perkins.

Monday 25th April 2016, 1pm François Pirot (ENS Lyon) The bounds for the distance-t chromatic number, and the effect of removing cycles.
Monday 9th May 2016, 11am Bruce Reed (McGill University) On the Structure of Typical H-Free Graphs.
Monday 16th May 2016, 1pm Fiona Skerman (University of Bristol/Heilbronn Institute) Modularity of random graphs.
Monday 20th June 2016, 1pm Jon Noel (University of Oxford) Extremal Bounds for Bootstrap Percolation in the Hypercube.
Tuesday 5th July 2016, 2pm at LTB Victor Falgas-Ravry (Vanderbilt University) Multicolour containers and the entropy of decorated graph limits.
Monday 18th July 2016, 1pm Marthe Bonamy (Université de Bordeaux) Kempe equivalence of colourings.
Wednesday 3rd August 2016, 1.30pm at LTC Adam Wagner (University of Illinois),
Wei En Tan (University of Birmingham),
Jake Cooper (University of Warwick) and
Ewan Davies (London School of Economics).
Birmingham Student Combinatorics Day

Details of previous combinatorics seminars can be found here.