Combinatorics Seminar Programme

Spring Term 2015

All seminars will be in room R17/18 of the Watson Building unless stated otherwise. If you have any queries, please contact Richard Mycroft.

Thursday 15th January 2015, 2pm Bill Jackson (Queen Mary, University of London) Generic rigidity of point-line frameworks.
Thursday 22nd January 2015, 2pm Will Perkins (University of Birmingham) Hard spheres, independent sets, and birthday inequalities.
Thursday 29th January 2015, 2pm Mirco Musolesi (University of Birmingham) Temporal dynamics of social and technological networks.
Thursday 5th February 2015, 2pm Simon Griffiths (University of Oxford) The Ramsey number of the clique and the hypercube.
Wednesday 11th February 2015, 12 noon, Nuffield G22 Candy Bowtell (University of Birmingham) Intersecting set systems.
Thursday 12th February 2015, 2pm Natasha Morrison (University of Oxford) Saturation in the Hypercube.
Thursday 19th February 2015, 2pm Lutz Warnke (University of Cambridge) Phase transitions in Achlioptas processes.
Friday 27th February 2015, 4pm, Watson LRC Peter Allen (London School of Economics) Sparse Blow-up Lemmas.
Thursday 5th March 2015, 2pm Julia Böttcher (London School of Economics) Local resilience of spanning subgraphs in sparse random graphs.
Thursday 12th March 2015, 2pm Karen Gunderson (University of Bristol) Graph bootstrap percolation.
Thursday 19th March 2015, 2pm Oleg Pikhurko (University of Warwick) Measurable circle squaring.
Thursday 26th March 2015, 2pm Ben Barber (University of Birmingham) Edge-decompositions of graphs with high minimum degree.
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