Seminar Series

While I was at Oxford, almost every term the algebra group met for the Algebra Advanced Class, on Tuesdays between 3pm and 4:30pm.

BuildingsMichaelmas Term, 2010
Gromov's Theorem through Functional AnalysisTrinity Term, 2010
A Theorem of Jaikin-Zapirain and PyberHilary Term, 2010
No SeminarsMichaelmas Term, 2009
Topological Methods in AlgebraTrinity Term, 2009
Lectures by Gus Lehrer and Steve SmithHilary Term, 2009
Fusion SystemsMichaelmas Term, 2008
Harmonic Analysis on Finite GroupsTrinity Term, 2008
More infinite group theoryHilary Term, 2008
Just-infinite pro-p groupsMichaelmas Term, 2007
Characters of Groups of Lie TypeTrinity Term, 2007