The following is a mostly complete list of the seminars that I have given, both in my home universities and elsewhere. They are split into two groups: the first consists of all seminars that I have given that are not Kinderseminars (junior seminars in Oxford); and the second group consists of the Kinderseminars. By clicking on the title you may access (where available) the transcript or slides that accompanied the talk, and in the case of Banff a video of the talk. If both are available, then the second follows the title in brackets.

Note that, due to family commitments, I am currently reducing my travel, and so I have given very few seminars and talks at conferences in recent years.

Title Seminar Location Date
Group rings: algebra, topology and combinatoricsCity University ColloquiumCity, University of London (Zoom)30th March, 2021
The maximal subgroups of E8(q)London Algebra ColloquiumQueen Mary, University of London (Zoom)18th March, 2021
The maximal subgroups of E7(q)Algebra SeminarUniversity of Birmingham (Zoom)21st May, 2020
Constructing subgroups of exceptional algebraic groupsComputational and algorithmic methodsIsaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge27th January, 2020
Towards a generic representation theoryAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Oxford5th February, 2019
The morphism extension problemSimple Groups: New Perspectives and ApplicationsUniversity of Bristol29-31st August, 2018
Extending morphisms from finite groups to algebraic groupsAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Manchester10th October, 2017
Minimally Active Elements in Matrix GroupsAlgebra and Geometry SeminarUniversity of Newcastle7th February, 2017
Simple Groups, Simple Representations, Simple Fusion SystemsFinite Simple Groups, Their Fusion Systems and RepresentationsEPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland16th December, 2016
Lie-primitive subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups: Their classification so far, Video of talkPermutation GroupsBanff International Research Station, Canada14th November, 2016
Morita Equivalences for Blocks of Groups of Lie TypeMorita Equivalence Problems for Blocks of Finite GroupsEPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland9th September, 2016
Subspace Stabilizers and Infinite SubgroupsBranching Problems for Reductive GroupsInstitut Mittag-Leffler, Stockholm, Sweden19th May, 2016
The combinatorics of group ringsBirmingham Mathematics ColloquiumUniversity of Birmingham28th October, 2015
Maximal subgroups of exceptional groups of Lie type, Video of talkGroups and GeometriesBanff International Research Station, Canada6th May, 2015
Minimally Active Modules for Finite GroupsLondon Algebra ColloquiumCity, University of London5th March, 2015
Embedding Finite Groups into Algebraic GroupsAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Glasgow4th March, 2015
Fusion Systems on Groups with an Abelian Subgroup of Index pComputations in Groups and AlgebrasFriedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena, Germany17th February, 2015
Maximal Subgroups of Exceptional Groups: Representing Groups in GroupsRepresentations of Finite and Algbraic GroupsLes Houches, France9th February, 2015
Fusion Systems on Groups with an Abelian Subgroup of Index pAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Birmingham14th November, 2014
Maximal Subgroups of Exceptional Groups of Lie TypeAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Cambridge30th April, 2014
Maximal Subgroups of Exceptional Groups (of Lie Type)British Mathematics ColloquiumQueen Mary, University of London9th April, 2014
Broué's Conjecture: Brauer Trees and Beyond, Video of talkGlobal/Local Conjectures in Representation Theory of Finite GroupsBanff International Research Station, Canada18th March, 2014
Maximal Subgroups of Exceptional Groups of Lie Type and Morphisms of Algebraic GroupsAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Oxford4th March, 2014
The Brauer Trees of Finite GroupsBrauer's Problems - 50 Years OnUniversity of Manchester4th September, 2013
From the Local to the Global in MathematicsEPS College Research ConferenceUniversity of Birmingham16th July, 2013
The Brauer Trees of Finite GroupsAlgebra OberseminarUniversität Stuttgart, Germany2nd July, 2013
Categories and groupsMathematics ColloquiumUCLA, CA11th April, 2013
Categories and groupsMathematics SeminarUniversity of Kent5th March, 2013
The Module Categories of Finite GroupsPure Mathematics ColloquiumUniversity of Durham19th November, 2012
The Brauer Trees of Finite GroupsAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Manchester16th October, 2012
The Representation Theory of Non-Existent Groups of Lie TypePostgraduate Group Theory ConferenceUniversity of York9th July, 2012
Combinatorial Broué ConjectureJournées Solstice d'été 2012Paris, France20th June, 2012
Blocks of Groups of Lie type and Brauer TreesModular Algebras: Representations, Invariants, Lie TheoryFriedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany24th May, 2012
Fuss about FusionUniversity of Oxford Invariants SocietyUniversity of Oxford12th May, 2012
Local Representation TheoryDept of Mathematics and Statistics ColloquiaNUI Maynooth, Ireland18th April, 2012
Broué's conjecture: the story so farRepresentations of Finite Groups conferenceOberwolfach, Germany28th March, 2012
Geometric Broué's conjectureBLOC meetingUniversity of Oxford17th February, 2012
Broué's conjecture and groups of Lie typeAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Aberdeen26th January, 2012
Local representation theoryAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Birmingham8th December, 2011
Perverse Equivalences, Deligne-Lusztig theory, and Broué's Conjecture Darstellungstheorie Schwerpunkttagung 2011Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany3rd March, 2011
Units in Group Rings Oberseminar TopologieWestfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany13th December, 2010
Perverse Equivalences and Broué's Conjecture Séminaire Claude ChevalleyUniversité Denis Diderot, Paris VII, France25th November, 2010
Units and the Unit Conjecture London Algebra ColloquiumQueen Mary, University of London4th November, 2010
Perverse Equivalences and Broué's ConjectureRepresentation Theory SeminarUniversity of Oxford21st October, 2010
Perverse Equivalences and Broué's ConjectureAlgebra and Geometry SeminarUniversity of Bristol29th September, 2010
Perverse Equivalences and Broué's ConjectureAlgebra SeminarUniversity of York15th March, 2010
A Plan to Prove Broué's ConjectureJunior Algebra SeminarUniversity of Cambridge26th February, 2010
Quotients and Normal Subsystems of Fusion SystemsAlgebraseminarKøbenhavns Universitet, Denmark11th January, 2010
Blocks with Abelian Defect GroupsSéminaire de théorie des groupesUniversité de Picardie-Jules Verne, France25th November, 2009
On the Unit Conjecture for Supersoluble Groups Algebra SeminarUniversity of Leeds26th October, 2009
On the Unit ConjectureVassar College ColloquiumVassar College, NY22nd September, 2009
A Survey on Algebraic Modules Representations of Finite Groups conferenceOberwolfach, Germany22nd-28th March, 2009
Bounds in representation growthPure Mathematics ColloquiumUniversity of Southampton6th March, 2009
Tensor Products of Modular Representations in Groups of Lie Type Representations of Finite Groups of Lie Type conferenceUniversity of Birmingham16th-18th December, 2008
Representation Growth and Symmetric Groups Algebra SeminarUniversity of Warwick8th December, 2008
Symmetric Groups, Partitions, and Representation GrowthPure Mathematics SeminarRoyal Holloway, University of London8th October, 2008
Blocks with Klein Four Defect Group Algebra SeminarUniversity of Oxford6th May, 2008
The Structure of Blocks with V4 Defect Groups Postgraduate Group Theory ConferenceUniversity of Oxford9th-11th April, 2008
Character Degrees of Symmetric GroupsAlgebra ColloquiumImperial College, London31st January, 2008
Algebraic Modules for Finite Groups ICRA XIITorun, Poland20th-24th August, 2007
Algebraic Modules and the Heller Operator Postgraduate Group Theory ConferenceUniversity of Cambridge11th-13th April, 2007
The Character Degrees of Symmetric Groups Algebra SeminarUniversity of Cambridge28th February, 2007
Algebraic Modules for Finite Groups Algebra SeminarUniversity of Oxford23rd January, 2007
Characters of Symmetric Groups LMS Seminar SeriesUniversity of Birmingham29th November, 2006
Symmetric Group Character DegreesAlgebra SeminarUniversity of Aberdeen12th October, 2006

The next table denotes the Kinderseminars that I have given. The same statements apply as above to find the transcripts and slides.

Weight 2 Blocks of Symmetric Groups23rd February, 2011
Why Nice Guys Lose: Impossibility theorems in social choice theory13th October, 2010
Normal Subsystems of Fusion Systems28th April, 2010
Elliptic Curves and Cryptography3rd February, 2010
The Major Problems in Group Representation Theory18th November, 2009
The abc conjecture and related topics 20th May, 2009
Representation growth vs subgroup growth 18th February, 2009
Old Theorems, New Proofs: A week in fusion systems21st January, 2009
All Roads Lead to Rome: the proof of the Road Colouring Conjecture12th November, 2008
Contact Resistance in Carbon Nanotubes5th March, 2008
Representation growth of finitely generated, residually finite groups 30th January, 2008
Why I care about V4 blocks21st November, 2007
Nervous Categories17th October, 2007
Burnside's paqb-Theorem without Burnside 30th May, 2007
The Core of the Partition Function (slides) 25th April, 2007
A group of order 604800 that's easy: Octonians, G2(q) and the Hall-Janko group J2 (slides) 21st February, 2007
A group of order 8 that's hard: indecomposable string modules for the dihedral groups (slides slides2) 31st January, 2007
Chopping and Multiplying Modules I,II 15th/22nd November, 2006
Symmetric Group Character Degrees 21st June, 2006
Hook Number Multiset Equivalences8th March, 2006
Magic Algebras25th January, 2006
Scott Modules and Lower Defect GroupsNovember, 2005