Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2014
24th - 27th June, 2014


Welcome to the home of the Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2014, now in its 16th edition. This is an annual conference organised by PhD students for PhD students, who research in Group Theory and related topics.

This year, the conference will take place by the University of Birmingham. This is the second year Birmingham has been given the honour of hosting the conference, 12 years later.
As usually happens for this conference, the main goal of PGTC is to give to PhD students working in Group Theory, and all related areas like Lie theory, representation theory, Hopf algebras etc. a unique chance to meet, present their research, and find out what other PhD students in the same area work on. This takes place in a very friendly and relaxed environment. This is an extremely valuable opportunity to build a network of young mathematicians working in very similar areas, to share ideas, and in general to promote any kind of collaboration between PhD students.

The main content of the conference consists of 20 minute talks given by participants. Each talk might be followed by questions, and a little break. This year we introduce proper poster sessions, to be done at the end of each day. Participants will have 5 to 10 minutes to present their work, in parallel sessions. There will be a prize for the best poster, selected by participants. All attendees are therefore encouraged (but by no means forced) to give a talk or present a poster. Students can apply for both talks and posters, if there are no essential overlaps among the two.

We would like to thank the London Mathematical Society (LMS) for their continued support of the event, and also the School of Mathematics of the University of Birmingham for their support this year. It would not be possible to organize such a conference without their help.