Some "unpublished" papers

This page "web-publishes" and lists some papers which are more-or-less complete, but not published in any other paper form. The reasons vary: it may be because the paper has simply not yet been submitted, or because it is in an incomplete state and cannot be published at this stage. I have also listed some "web papers" which will not be published except on the web, but will be maintained and updated as an ongoing project.

I would be most grateful for any comments on these papers. Also, if you have difficulties getting copies, please email me and I will put copies in the post.

All material here is copyright. I grant you permission to make one copy for your own personal use.

  1. `Order-types of models of Peano arithmetic: a short survey' by Andrey Bovykin and Richard Kaye, 14th June 2001. (Submitted.)

    A survey of results on order-types of models of Peano arithmetic! Available in pdf format here.

  2. `Arithmetic and the Incompleteness Theorems', 12th August 2000. (Incomplete.)

    Draft of a paper for the History of Logic project, available in pdf format here. A (rather small) part of it is as yet unfinished. I would be very interested to hear any remarks concerning this paper with a view to incorporating them into the final version of the paper. Please email me your comments!

  3. `Minesweeper configurations'. (Web paper, will be maintained and updated regularly.) For the last update: see paper.

    My paper `Minesweeper is NP-complete' was published in the Mathematical Intelligencer recently. A companion paper entitled `Minesweeper configurations' is available here in pdf format with some additional information.

  4. `Infinite minesweeper is Turing complete', 13th August 2000. (Not yet submitted.)

    A sequel to `Minesweeper is NP-complete', showing that some straightforward modifications to the minesweeper game yields a system that can simulate arbitrary computations, is available here in pdf format.

  5. `Right-orderability of groups', December 18th, 1998. (Not yet submitted.)

    Available in pdf format. This paper gives a minature logical calculus---including the completeness and soundness theorems for it---which characterize those groups that can be right-ordered.

  6. `Reflective permutation groups'. April 10th, 1997. (Not yet submitted.)

    Available in postscript format. This paper explores certain properties of permutation groups associated with automorphism groups of recursively saturated structures, and gives some new examples of such groups.

  7. `Polish groups', June 26th, 1996. Notes from a study day in model theory and topological groups in Birmingham University, 1995. (Incomplete.)

    Available in postscript format. Starts from basics, and assumes no prior knowledge of topological groups. The notes focus on Polish groups (topological groups where the topology is metrizable, complete and separable), with a discussion of the small index property. However there is quite a lot of material on more general topological groups to set the scene. Although they were originally intended for the study day in 1995, I have added material since, and the latest version is dated June 1996. They are still not in any way complete, but may still be of use.

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