A supplement to "The Mathematics of Logic"

1. The Mathematics of Logic web pages

These web pages at http://web.mat.bham.ac.uk/R.W.Kaye/logic/ are the supplementary web pages to The Mathematics of Logic: a guide to completeness theorems and their applications, by Richard Kaye, published by CUP in 2007. These pages should be read in conjunction with the printed book. Most pages are in XHTML+MathML and you will need a suitably equipped browser. See installation for further details.

The printed text itself contains enough material for a typical student module. The material here consists of (or will consist of) extra material, examples, exercises, or answers to other exercises. If necessary, any addenda or corrections will be published here. Other material presented on these web pages may be more technical, more difficult, or slightly peripheral to the topic under study.

A weblog to accompany these pages is available at http://mat140.bham.ac.uk:8180/blojsom/blog/logic/. Items will be added to this blog occasionally to provide the latest news on the book or web pages and to give all readers an opportunity to provide comments, suggestions, requests or other feedback.

Note that there are deliberate omissions in the main text, especially technical material or other material that I thought not suitable for the main text at first-reading, and these web pages allow me to set the record straight. All of the material here is optional, and most of it is intended for ambitious readers who want to know more details.

Sections intended for the more advanced readers are marked with a star. Additional material that does not directly correspond to specific sections of the printed book are marked with a plus sign. Double stars, double plus signs, etc., will be used as warnings that the material is particularly technical, advanced, or both.

NOTE. Both The Mathematics of Logic and all material on these web pages are copyright. You may link to these pages freely, but you may only print this material or save a copy of it for your own personal use only. Further printing or copying or distribution is prohibited. There are no waranties of any kind concerning accuracy, or fitness-for-purpose, or any other aspect of these materials.

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Please consult the companion weblog at http://mat140.bham.ac.uk:8180/blojsom/blog/logic/.

Richard Kaye, School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 2007.