Eoin Long

MeI am a lecturer at the School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham. My principal research interests lie in Combinatorics, and I am particularly interested in extremal combinatorics, graph theory, set systems, probabilistic methods in combinatorics, high dimensional phenomena and discrete geometry. See here for more about Combinatorics at Birmingham.

Before coming to Birmingham, I held postdoctoral positions at the University of Oxford, Tel Aviv University and Queen Mary, University of London. I completed my PhD in mathematics at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Imre Leader. Before this I was an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin.

E-mail:     e.long(at)bham.ac.uk

Office:      B27, Watson Building

Address:   School of Mathematics
                 University of Birmingham
                 Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK


My publications/preprints appear below. The abstracts can also be read together here.
22. Tournament quasirandomness from local counting
Matija Bucić, Eoin Long, Asaf Shapira, Benny Sudakov
Submitted. pdf
21. Distinct degrees in induced subgraphs
Matthew Jenssen, Peter Keevash, Eoin Long, Liana Yepremyan
Submitted. pdf
20. Correlation for permutations
J. Robert Johnson, Imre Leader, Eoin Long
Submitted. pdf
19. Hypercontractivity for global functions and sharp thresholds
Peter Keevash, Noam Lifshitz, Eoin Long, Dor Minzer
Submitted. pdf
18. Cycle-complete Ramsey numbers
Peter Keevash, Eoin Long, Jozef Skokan
International Mathmatics Research Notices, to appear. pdf
17. Stability for vertex isoperimetry in the cube
Peter Keevash, Eoin Long
Submitted. pdf
16. Forbidden vector-valued intersections
Peter Keevash, Eoin Long
Submitted. pdf
15. Packing and counting arbitrary Hamilton cycles in random digraphs
Asaf Ferber, Eoin Long
Random Structures and Algorithms, 54 (2019), 499-514. pdf
14. Counting Hamilton decompositions of oriented graphs
Asaf Ferber, Eoin Long, Benny Sudakov
International Mathematics Research Notices, 22 (2018), 6908-6933. pdf
13. A stability result for the cube edge isoperimetric inequality
Peter Keevash, Eoin Long
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A, 155 (2018), 360-375. pdf
12. On a Ramsey-type problem of Erdős and Pach
Ross Kang, Eoin Long, Viresh Patel, Guus Regts
Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 49 (2017), 991-999. pdf
11. Frankl-Rödl type theorems for codes and permutations
Peter Keevash, Eoin Long
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 369 (2017), 1147-1162. pdf
10. Set families with a forbidden pattern
Ilan Karpas, Eoin Long
European Journal of Combinatorics, 62 (2017), 183-196. pdf
9. Packing, counting and covering Hamilton cycles in random directed graphs
Asaf Ferber, Gal Kronenberg, Eoin Long
Israel Journal of Mathematics, 220 (2017), 57-87. pdf
8. Large unavoidable subtournaments
Eoin Long
Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 26 (2017), 68-77. pdf
7. On the normalized Shannon capacity of a union
Peter Keevash, Eoin Long
Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 25 (2016), 766-767. pdf
6. Forbidding intersection patterns between layers of the cube
Eoin Long
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A, 134 (2015), 103–120. pdf
5. Long geodesics in subgraphs of the cube
Imre Leader, Eoin Long
Discrete Mathematics, 326 (2014), 29-33. pdf
4. Forbidding a set difference of size 1
Imre Leader, Eoin Long
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 169 (2014), 219-224. pdf
3. Tilted Sperner families
Imre Leader, Eoin Long
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 163 (2014), 194-198. pdf
2. Long paths and cycles in subgraphs of the cube
Eoin Long
Combinatorica, 33 (2013), 395-428. pdf
1. Random walks on quasirandom graphs
Ben Barber, Eoin Long
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 20 (2013) P25. pdf


Courses lectured at University of Oxford:

Graph theory
Courses tutored at University of Oxford:

Constructive Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Number Theory
Rings and Modules
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Extremal Combinatorics
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Analysis II
Complex Analysis
Graph Theory
Math IA revision supervisions
Metric and Topological Spaces
Probability IA
Probability and Measure