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Mathematical Ecology: Theory and Applications

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META workshop

Mathematical Methods for Complex Ecological Systems

School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 16 December 2016

Ecological complexity has several different components (spatial, temporal, structural, behavioural etc.) and each of them requires application of a different variety of mathematical techniques. This workshop will be mostly focussed on advanced mathematical topics related to spatiotemporal models of ecosystem dynamics. Topics will a include ( but not limited to) the control theory for ecological applications, movement ecology, and uncertainty and structural sensitivity in models of population dynamics.


Dmitri Finkelshtein (Swansea University)

  Mean-field description of individual-based models: how to reduce the losses 

Nick Isaac (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

  Modelling biodiversity change from messy and biased data

Irene Moroz (Oxford University)

  Chaos in an NPPZ model for plankton

Andrew Morozov (University of Leicester)

  Imperfect prey selectivity of generalist predators promotes biodiversity and irregularity in food webs

Jonathan Pitchford (University of York) - keynote talk

  Simple mathematical models in a world of Big Data

Kam Tang (Swansea University)

  Microbial dynamics on marine particles: experimental and modelling study of a complex microcosm

Stuart Townley (University of Exeter) - keynote talk

  Adaptive control and robust management of natural populations



  The META poster can be downloaded   HERE


The meeting is open to everyone and the registration for the workshop is free.

Please send a message to   n.b.petrovskaya[at]bham.ac.uk   (Natalia Petrovskaya) to indicate your attendance.


All presentations will take place in Lecture Room C, Watson Building, Edgbaston campus.

The Watson Building can be found in the Red Zone (number R15)


The link above also gives the information on travel and directions to the Edgbaston campus.


The following   HOTELS   are located near the university campus where the workshop will be held.

  Where to   LUNCH   on campus.


If you have any further questions please contact

Natalia Petrovskaya

School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham,

Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK

Email: n.b.petrovskaya[at]bham.ac.uk    

This workshop is supported by the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematics & its Applications

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