My Previous Students are:

Luke Field (M.Sci, 2009) Modelling of Hydrogen Fuel Cells Luke examined the asymptotic structure of the flow and mass flux conditions at the interface between an anode and electrolyte.
Jonathan Sands (M.Sci, 2009) Flow in a microchannel Jonathan considered the flow of two immiscible fluids in a microchannel and the diffusive mixing between them.
Jonathan Black (M.Sci, 2010) Nonlinear diffusive mixing in a microchannel. Jonathan considered nonlinear diffusive mixing in a microchannel and in particular the effect known as the `butterfly effect' with applications to fuel cells.
Syeda Shah (M.Sci, 2010) Electrokinetic flow in a  microchannel. Syeda worked on modelling the electro-osmotic flow of Newtonina fluids in a channel and sector with applications to microfluidics.