A few moments from the past: people and places

At the 6th All-Union Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (September 1986, Tashkent, USSR)

September 1986, Samarkand, USSR

At the MARS Center (August 1989, Naples, Italy)

At the Center for Research in Molecular Modeling (February 1998, Mons, Belgium)

At Kodak European R&D Centre (December 1998, Harrow, UK)

At the MARS Center 10 years later (May 1999, Naples, Italy)

Celebration of the 60th birthday of Academician R.I. Nigmatulin (17 June 2000, Ufa, Russia)

At the IUTAM Symposium on Free Surface Flows (July 2000, Birmingham, UK)

At ICTAM 2000 (September 2000, Chicago, USA)

At the Center for Risk Studies and Safety (September 2000, Santa Barbara, USA)

At the Gordon Research Conference (July 2001, New London, NH, USA)

At the 5th European Coating Symposium (September 2003, Fribourg, Switzerland)

At Mitsubishi Chemical (May 2006, Yokohama, Japan)