Richard Kaye's web books

This lists a number of major webbooks and web publications, so of which stand alone, and/or are GPLed, and some which support books or other publications by Richard Kaye. Where possible, links and/or downloadable resources are provided. Other publications are available via this link.


My logic pages are at These are designed to support The Mathematics of Logic: A guide to completeness theorems and their applications (Cambridge University Press, 2007), these pages take the material on logic and the completeness and soundness theorems much further. (Watch this space: these pages will be expanded and improved soon.)

Sequences and series

Free (GPL) web book on sequences and series and introductory real analysis.

Minesweeper pages

Minesweeper is NP-complete! Infinite Minesweeper is Turing complete! For further information, go to

LaTeX pages

For information about LaTeX, go to (These are looking rather long in the tooth now, sorry.)

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