Olga Maleva

Professor of Mathematics
School of Mathematics
University of Birmingham
School of Mathematics
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT
United Kingdom
E-mail: O.Maleva AT bham.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 12 1414 6584
Research Interests: Mathematical Analysis: Differentiability of Lipschitz mappings, geometric measure theory, null sets, nonlinear quotients, geometry of Banach spaces, regularity of mappings in Banach spaces
Current (recent) Teaching:
2022-23: Topology (Metric Spaces and Topology 3Top)
2022-23: Functional Analysis (Functional and Fourier Analysis 3FFA)
2020-21: Function Spaces and Operator Theory (Advanced Topics in Analysis 4ATAn)
Workshops organised:

Geometrical Aspects of Banach spaces, June 25--29, 2018, Uiversity of Birmingham

Relations Between Banach Space Theory and Geometric Measure Theory, June 2015, University of Warwick

Banach spaces, June 2012, Uiversity of Birmingham

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