Triangular IFISS (T-IFISS)

T-IFISS is a MATLAB package for solving (deterministic) steady-state diffusion problems on general two-dimensional domains using finite element methods. It includes Galerkin approximations on triangular grids, a posteriori error estimation, and adaptive algorithms with local mesh refinement. Unstructured meshes are generated using the DistMesh package.
The core version of the package is available from the T-IFISS homepage. The following paper gives an overview of the key features of the package:

A. Bespalov, L. Rocchi and D. Silvester, T-IFISS: a toolbox for adaptive FEM computation, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, Vol. 81 (2021), pp. 373-390.
Link to the paper      Preprint on arXiv

Stochastic T-IFISS

Stochastic T-IFISS extends the core version of T-IFISS to cover stochastic Galerkin approximations of diffusion problems with random coefficients, the associated a posteriori error estimation and adaptive algorithms, including goal-oriented adaptivity and most recently multilevel adaptivity.
Learn more and download the latest version of Stochastic T-IFISS from the GitHub repository.

Adaptive ML-SCFEM

Adaptive ML-SCFEM is a MATLAB toolbox for computing and investigating adaptive stochastic collocation finite element approximations for elliptic PDEs with random inputs. Both the single-level and the multilevel versions of the adaptive algorithm are implemented.
Learn more and download the latest version of Adaptive ML-SCFEM from the GitHub repository.