Alex Bespalov

PhD projects

Funded research projects

  • Adaptive multilevel stochastic collocation methods for uncertainty quantification (2021 2022; funded by EPSRC)
    This project aims to develop, analyse, implement and test a novel methodology for reliable error estimation and adaptive error control in the framework of the multilevel stochastic collocation finite element method for PDEs with random inputs.
  • Numerical analysis of adaptive UQ algorithms for PDEs with random inputs (2017 2021; funded by EPSRC)
    This joint project with collaborators at The University of Manchester focused on the development of robust, accurate, and practical numerical methods for solving parameter-dependent PDEs stemming from uncertainty quantification models.
    Postdoc at Birmingham: Dr Feng Xu.

Current PhD students

  • Jingye Li (since January 2023)
    Project title: "Machine-learning techniques for PDE-based reliability analysis problems"
    Jointly supervised with Prof Jinglai Li
  • Andrey Savinov (since September 2022)
    Project title: "Design and analysis of adaptive stochastic collocation finite element methods"
  • Thomas Round (since September 2019)
    Project title: "Adaptive numerical algorithms for PDE problems with random inputs"

Supervised PhD and Master students