Harmonic Analysis/PDEs Workshop

14th March 2017
University of Birmingham

Local Organisers: David Beltran, Stefan Buschenhenke, Maria Carmen Reguera


This workshop is a one day meeting of the LMS Harmonic Analysis and PDEs network, funded in part by an LMS Scheme 3 Grant and the ERC, and will take place at the University of Birmingham. All interested persons are welcome to attend.

There will be a total of four talks on Tuesday 14th March. There will also be a informal dinner (probably in Harborne) on Tuesday evening.

The University of Birmingham is most easily reached via its own train station which is a short ride from Birmingham's main New Street station. Full campus maps and directions to the university can be found here. The School of Mathematics is based in the Watson Building (R15 on the campus map).


Tuomas Hytönen (University of Helsinki)
Quantitative differentiation

Shohei Nakamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Conditions for Boundedness of multilinear Fourier multipliers into Hardy spaces

Carlos Pérez (Universidad del Pais Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / BCAM)
Extensions of the weak type $(1,1)$ property for the maximal function and rough singular integral operators and related results

Brett Wick (Washington University - St. Louis)
Riesz transform characterization of Hardy space and applications

Abstracts for the talks may be found here


Tuesday 14th March 2017

From 10:30 Meet in common room (221, second floor, Watson Building)

11:00 Shohei Nakamura (Lecture Room C, Watson Building)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Carlos Pérez (Nuffield G17)

14:30 Tuomas Hytönen (Nuffield G17)

15:30 Tea/Coffee Break (221, second floor, Watson Building)

16:15 Brett Wick (Nuffield G17)

18:00 Dinner at The New Inn


Participants are invited to make their own accommodation arrangements. Here are some B&Bs and hotels in the vicinity of the University:

Lucas House

Kensington Guesthouse

Copperfield House Hotel

Awentsbury Hotel

Renwick House Guesthouse

The Wentworth Hotel

Norfolk Hotel

Further Information:

There is limited funding available to support PhD students and young researchers. Please contact Maria Carmen Reguera regarding funding requests.