ATLAS of Finite Group Representations

This ATLAS of Group Representations has been prepared by Robert Wilson, Peter Walsh, Jonathan Tripp, Ibrahim Suleiman, Stephen Rogers, Richard Parker, Simon Norton, Simon Nickerson, Steve Linton, John Bray and Rachel Abbott (in reverse alphabetical order, because I'm fed up with always being last!).

Change of URL

The current recommended URL for this ATLAS is (version 2) or (experimental version 3). The links below do not point here, but to the Birmingham mirror site:

The Birmingham mirror of this ATLAS is at, but is not as up-to-date.

The big red book

The ATLAS of Finite Groups (Conway, Curtis, Norton, Parker, Wilson, 1985) has been reprinted with corrections and additions (OUP, November 2003). It is available to order at £47.00 (I believe) from the OUP website. Ignore the fact that the publication date is given as 1985 - you will get the 2003 reprint. The binding is not as described by OUP ("spiralbound hardback") but spiralbound with a wraparound card cover (which has proved to be more durable in practice).


Please select the category your group belongs to. Tilman Schulz's integral representations of sporadic groups. (Was supposed to include representatives of all complex representations of degree up to 250, but only a few are here.)



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