ATLAS of Finite Group Representations

Version 1

This ATLAS of Group Representations has been prepared by Robert Wilson, Peter Walsh, Jonathan Tripp, Ibrahim Suleiman, Stephen Rogers, Richard Parker, Simon Norton, Simon Nickerson, Steve Linton and John Bray (in reverse alphabetical order, because I'm fed up with always being last!).

This website has been under continuous development for several years now, growing from a few hundred representations in 1996 to well over two thousand in 2000. Most have been constructed by the authors - these range from trivial applications of the Meataxe to major research projects lasting weeks or months. A few have been collected from other people - specific references are given on the appropriate web pages. Dates of last updates to the files can be ascertained via the ftp access described below, using the command "ls -l".

As of December 2000, no development work is being done on this Version 1. New material will appear in Version 2 only. Among the advantages of version 2 are:


This ATLAS contains representations of many finite simple groups and related groups such as covering groups and automorphism groups of simple groups. Other resources/links include:
Last updated 19th September 2003.

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