ATLAS of Finite Group Representations

Format information

As a general rule, matrices and permutations are stored in Meataxe format, which is fully explained in the Meataxe manuals. Here we give a brief description which should be sufficient for a beginner to get started.

Other representations are stored in GAP or MAGMA format. It is hoped eventually to provide automatic translation between various different formats, but this has not yet been implemented.

For advanced users only

Most representations are stored not only as ASCII files, but also as Meataxe binaries. These can be accessed by replacing the directory /atlasreps/ in the URL by /atlasbin/. They are frequently significantly smaller than the ASCII files, but as they may be machine- and meataxe-version- dependent, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to read them.
Last updated 20th July 1998.

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