Corrections to the ATLAS of Finite Groups

The main list of corrections is published as an appendix to the `Atlas of Brauer Characters', by C. Jansen, K. Lux, R. Parker and R. Wilson, Oxford, 1995.

Further errors are listed here:

p. xiii, section 6, line 7.
replace `The vectors r with F(r) != 0 generate a subgroup of the Clifford algebra' by `In the Clifford algebra the vectors r with F(r) != 0 generate a multiplicative group'
p. xxiii, section 7, middle of fourth paragraph.
insert `irreducible' between `faithful' and `representation'.
L2(25). Page 16.
Last maximal subgroup in G.23 should read (Q8 x 3):2.
G2(3). Page 60.
14-dimensional construction, definition of D2: ei should read 3ei.
J3. Page 82.
The definition of CZ only applies when z is nonzero. The image of e(0) is e(0).
3D4(2). Page 89.
Replace top row (but not first column) occurrences of s/4 by its conjugate in 768 matrix orbit.
G2(4). Page 97.
Delete 'non-edge' from Graph column of maximal subgroups.
O7(3). Page 109.
In 14th maximal subgroup, replace 2E by 2F.
S6(3). Page 113.
In 7th maximal subgroup, extensions are split.
Suz. Page 131.
12th maximal subgroup is a non-split extension.
O8+(3). Page 140.
In 3rd and 5th row of maximal subgroup table, G.21 column, replace L4(3):2 x 2 by L4(3):22.
In 8th and 9th maximal subgroups, replace L4(3) x 2 by L4(3):21.
Fi22. Page 160.
In the additional 5 columns, on p. 310 of the ABC, the centralizer orders of 12L, 12M, 12N should be 3456, 1296 and 576 respectively.
Fi22. Page 163.
The structure of the 2B-normalizer is (2 x 21+8):U4(2):2, and correspondingly H.2 in G.2.
Simon Norton's list of improvements to the ATLAS of Finite Groups is also available here in both dvi and PostScript formats.
Last updated 11th April 2000.

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