ATLAS: Linear group L3(8)

Order = 16482816 =
Mult = 1.
Out = 6.

Standard generators

Standard generators of L3(8) are a and b where a has order 2, b has order 3 and ab has order 21.
Standard generators of L3(8):2 are c and d where c is in class , d is in class , and cd is in class
Standard generators of L3(8):3 are e and f where e has order 2, f has order 6, ef has order 9, efff has order 3 and efeffefffff has order 21. These conditions distinguish classes 6B and 6B'. [NB: Class 6A is not in L3(8):3.]
Standard generators of L3(8):6 are g and h where g is in class , h is in class , and gh is in class


The representations of L3(8) available are The representations of L3(8):3 available are
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Last updated 10th November 1998,
R.A.Wilson, R.A.Parker and J.N.Bray