ATLAS: Group 2F4(2)'

An Apology

I must apologise to the eminent mathematician whose name is usually attached to this group for removing his name from this page and those linked to or from it. The reason is that certain web-crawlers which have been scanning my pages have misinterpreted the occurrence of this name as an indication of quite a different content on these pages from that which actually pertains.


Order = 17971200 =
Mult = 1.
Out = 2.

Standard generators

Standard generators of the group 2F4(2)' are a and b where a is in class 2A, b has order 3 and ab has order 13.

Standard generators of its automorphism group 2F4(2) = 2F4(2)'.2 are c and d where c is in class 2A, d is in class 4F, cd has order 12 and cdcddcddd has order 4.

A pair of elements conjugate to (a, b) may be obtained as a' = , b' = .


The representations of 2F4(2)' available are:
The representations of 2F4(2) = 2F4(2)'.2 available are as follows.
NB: generators changed to standard generators on 18.08.97!!!

Maximal subgroups

The maximal subgroups of ^2F4(2)' are The maximal subgroups of ^2F4(2) = ^2F4(2)'.2 are
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