Yuzhao Wang
  • Lecturer (tenured assistant professor) in Mathematics

  • Mailing Address:

    School of Mathematics
    Watson Building
    University of Birmingham
    B15 2TT,
    United Kingdom

    e-mail: y dot wang dot 14 [at] bham.ac.uk

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    I am a Lecturer (tenured assistant professor) at the University of Birmingham, School of Mathematics. Previously, I held research positions at the University of Edinburgh (where I worked with Tadahiro Oh), and Memorial University (where I worked with Jie Xiao). I received my PhD from Peking University under the supervision of Carlos Kenig and Baoxiang Wang.

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    Research Interest: Analysis group at UoB
    Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis. In particular, the study of nonlinear dispersive PDEs such as nonlinear Schrödinger equations, nonlinear wave equations, and the KdV equation by using techniques from PDEs, Harmonic Analysis, and Probability theory. Mainly, well-posedness (existence, uniqueness, and stability of solutions) in both deterministic and probabilistic settings, existence of invariant measures, Strichartz estimates in different settings, etc. Also, interested in Fourier restriction theory and \(\ell^2\) decoupling theory.
    Seminars:Analysis Seminar at UoB,   Analysis Seminar at UoE,   UoE seminars,   ICMS events, London Analysis and Probability Seminar,   Paris-London Analysis Seminar


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  • Peking University,  BICMR,
  • School of Mathematics, Peking University
  • Fields Institute
  • Heriot Watt University,   Maxwell Institute,   ICMS,   Royal Society of Edinburgh

  • London Mathematical Society
  • Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (UK)
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • European Mathematical Society
  • International Mathematical Union

  • Videos
  • Einstein Field Equations - for beginners
  • International Winter School on Gravity and Light 2015