The Greek alphabet

Mathematicians like fancy symbols and never seem to have enough of them. The Greek Alphabet has been used in mathematics for many hundreds of years. If you see a Greek letter you shouldn't be frightened of it; it is just another letter. Sometimes it is helpful to know its name however. In the following table, you should be able to see the full range of letters, but not all the variations may show on your browser. The sound given here is very approximate.

α A alphaa
β B betab
γ Γ gammag ϝ , Ϝ
δ Δ deltad, th
ε E epsilone ϵ
ζ Z zetaz
η H etae
θ Θ thetath ϑ
ι I iotai
κ K kappak ϰ
λ Λ lambdal
μ M mum
ν N nun
ξ Ξ xix
o O omicrono
π Π pip ϖ
ρ R rhor ϱ
σ Σ sigmas ς
τ T tau t
υ ϒ upsilonu
ϕ Φ phiph, f φ
χ X chich
ψ Ψ psips
ω Ω omegao