Stepping up to University Maths: mathematics links

Here are some of our favourite maths links. There should be something for everyone here. Please email Richard Kaye to suggest any others, or if you find a broken link.






Math Jokes Trust me you have to be clever to understand the jokes and have a sense of humour to enjoy them! A link site to Math Jokes.

Puzzles and games

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles Lots of great puzzles from Nick Hobson. Recommended!

Funfair Web page - A fabulous set of mathematical games to keep you occupied for hours. *****

Games Arena - Lights Out! - Another very good game for you to try, though prepare to get very frustrated! ***

Mathematically Interesting Games -- The Tower of Hanoi - Try the chicken vs farmer game, guarenteed to get you thinking. If your looking for a fairly easy game to make you look clever, "The tower of Hanoi" is for you.**

Sokoban v2.0 - WARNING this game is ridiculously addictive. It looks easy but it's bound to get you stuck in a tight corner!!! *****

Pimpernel Online Java Games - Another collection of maths games to keep you entertained, plus another link to the excellent "Sokoban".

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Games Page - There are many games for you to try here, some obviously better than others but you're bound to find something for everyone.

Mathematical Fiction Fun, if weird, story. Worth a read! Check this out, lots of cool stories. Another site with quite a few Mathematical fiction stories.

Welcome to the Hotel Infinity! - A delightfully fun story, with some interesting mathematical ideas to challenge reality. A very good read, it beats Jane Austen any day!! *****

Extra reading

Encyclopedia of Polyhedra --- Over 1000 Virtual Polyhedra - A very interesting website with lots of understandable information and multiple "pretty pictures" to play around with!

George W. Hart - Good information but with "genius qualities" making it heavy reading for mere mortals.

MegaMath Applications of maths to everyday life, including the algorithms of icecreams! Quite interesting.

The History of Mathematics Fresh from Dublin, this site has detailed information on major mathematicians, if not all. The papers can be downloaded too for personal use.

Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) - A massive list of every maths topic that has every been known, or so it seems. This site could keep you busy for hours and if your looking for information on a certain this is the place to try first. All you ever wanted to know about Alan Turing, from his work on logic and enigma too his full life biography, written by an ardent fan, this website is a good read for anyone who has never heard of Alan Turing, or those who worship him alike.

History Of Mathematics Enter a word or phrase into the Bibliographical index and see what ya get, there are a few articles to be found about the history of Mathematics to, so get searchin'. The British Society For The History Of Mathematics. (BSHM) Good artical towards the bottom of the page about one of the great Mathematicians of the 20th century.

Things to think about / problems

Olympiad Math Madness - Tough questons, good if you like a challenge. Try to get on the "genius list".

Shack's Math Problems - More problems of varying difficulty for you to get your teeth into.

The brain exerciser - Mathematical riddles Mathematical problems and puzzles ranging from the easy to undergraduate level and beyond to the impossible!

Mathematical Art Gives you 10 links. Which each leads to a cool arty mathematical picture, except one which doesnt work :( Big list of links to different pages which are art or mathematically related. There is a good introduction to this site, plus then there are buttons to click on which take you to different places on the page, such as Tessellations, Polyhedra and the shape of space. An archive to differnt things Art, Math and Music related. A few colour pictured made by a program called Cubelife. Some links to step-By-step instructions on how to make things such as a Mobius Strip or a Tesselation, and links also to stuff about Diamond Theory and A Fractal Art Gallery. Nice pictures of things like a Gauss Map graphed on a torus (hmm?), a propeller blade, a spirograph and a simple sounding, but not looking, Butterfly. You also have the choice to View the Document or download the Worksheet for the pictures. The P-Gallery, thats the Para-Mathematical Gallery, no i havent a clue either, but there are 22 galleries to look at with some very good pictures and you can also download a help-file, and the font which the webmaster uses on the site.

Main Index Page for Jim Muth's Fractal of the Day (FOTD) - Some truely beautiful fractal pictures here, along with amusing commentary about a cat. Shouldn't be missed.*****

Mathematics And Music Why not try the Mozart Effect, which apparently is "one of the most publicized links between music and academic subjects" well ive never heard of it but i'll take your word for it. There are more too like Chopin's Music and Birkhoff's Math to check out. This site is also listed in THE MATHEMATICAL ART section because it covers Art And Music in a Mathematical way.

Help with your work

THE CALCULUS PAGE . - Guarenteed to help you pass that exam this page gives excellent revision tips and exam techniques as well as all he vital information. Practise questions,( with answers) and past papers are just some of the perks. This is a good place for help on revision for that dreaded test, choose from Ks2,K23,GCSE,STANDARD,TGAU OR AS GURU to revise on.

Teachers' resources

Mathematical Resources on the Internet - If it's not here, it's probably not available.

National curriculum home page - Covers all subjcts - not just maths.

OCR A and AS Levels - More info on syllabus'.

The mathematical atlas. An Atlas of mathematics, indexed via the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC). There's a lot more to maths than just algebra and calculus!

Careers Involving Mathematics This is a very informative site, but it is an absolute must to check out the Random Factoid, its brilliant. Prospects: graduate careers website.

Mathematical Organizations (LMS) London Mathematical Society (LTSN) Maths, Stats & OR Network (AMS) American Mathematical Society (ACM) Association For Computing Machinery (EMS) European Mathematical Society (IMA) Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (MAA) Mathematical Association Of America (NIST) National Institute Of Standards And Technology (NSF) National Science Foundation (SIAM) Society For Industrial And Applied Mathematics (MSEB) Mathematical Sciences Education Board (MER) Mathematicians And Educational Reform (YMN) Young Mathematicians Network (AWM) Association for Women in Mathematics

Mathematical Software Seems like you can get any information you want for any mathematical software you can think of.

Lists And Other Web-Pointers Lots of links to various math sites. Math resources. A short list of math links.

Pure Maths Bookmarks - A very good set of links to plough through.

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