Your tutor is your friend in your department that will help and advise you as to your options and choices, stick up for you if there is a need (concerning assessments perhaps), report back to you your results, etc., and may also write a reference letter for you at the end of your studies. it is important that you get to know him or her.

You tutor may at some point lecture one of the modules you take. In year one he/she will help in the learning and teaching connected with MSM1Aa and MSM1Ab. You will be expected to see your tutor weekly, in a group, to discuss work that was set by the MSM1A lecturers. This is supposed to develop your understanding of the material, give you and your tutor a change to identify whether there are any problems, and to give everyone a chance to get to know each other. The important thing is that the meeting will be open-ended enough to address any problems that have arisen in the previous week, not just concerned with the particular work set. The marking is mostly symbolic and is intended to show that you have engaged with the work, rather than give an precise indication of your achievement. Nevertheless these meetings are compulsory, and you are expected to attempt the work and attend the meeting. If you need to discuss anything in confidence with your tutor he/she will be happy to arrange a private meeting.

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