The Student Handbook

The Student handbook contains details of programmes, modules, and what you need to do to pass the first year and go into the second year. There is an online version available via

The handbook contains a lot of essential information that will no doubt be necessary at some point of you career in this School. Please make sure you have a copy and that you read it as soon as possible.

The handbook was as accurate as possible at the time of printing. If there are any corrections or alterations you will be informed of them, usually via electronic means (e.g. WebCT).

The handbook also lists the various modules we offer. A separate document lists the modules in more detail.

All lecturers will give full details of assessment arrangements for each module in the first week. These are the definitive versions and replace what the Student Handbook and Module Descriptions say. Please ensure that you attend the very first lecture for each module you are attending. If you miss it you must contact the lecturer for any organisational information you will have missed.

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