Forms to be completed

There are a number of forms in your pack that you must complete and return to the undergraduate office. Some require your tutor's signature. The best time to get this is when you meet him/her on FRIDAY.

Contact details

In the first instance, we will contact you when we need to via your university email address, or via the pigeonholes on the first floor. In exceptional circumstances we may need your term time and home address, telephone number, or an alternative email address.

Please complete the orange form and return to the UG Office ASAP.

Reasonable Diligence

We provide a good learning experience with many ways of providing help and providing feedback for students. We do expect all students to work diligently and make the most of these opportunities. In the worst cases, students who do not have a record of diligent work will be required to withdraw from their programme.

Please sign the learning agreement to indicate your willingness to participate fully in your degree programme.


Plagiarism is a form of cheating whereby you copy material from others and pass it off as your own. This is forbidden, whether you copy from another student, a document on the internet, or from elsewhere.

It is equally forbidden to allow your work to be copied by others. Two students submitting identical work will normally both be given marks of zero.

Note, however, that quotations of other people's work, correctly cited and clearly marked as quotations are always allowed in academic work. You will learn at the appropriate time how to correctly cite other people's work.

You are required to indicate that you understand these principles and agree to abide by them.

Data protection

In a number of cases, the School will post decisions, module marks and similar information about you on notice boards, etc. This will be done quoting your student ID number, and not your name, thus providing you with a certain amount of anonymity.

Similarly, you may receive marked work back in classes or via the red boxes on the first floor, and therefore other students may be able to see your work and your mark. To give yourself some anonymity, you may choose to hand in work with your ID number rather than your name at the top.

Please note these arrangements now. Any queries should be addressed to the first year director.

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