Combinatorics Seminar Programme

Autumn Term 2012 - Poynting Small Lecture Theatre

If you have any queries, please contact Nikolaos Fountoulakis.

27th September 2012, 2pm Allan Lo (University of Birmingham) Properly coloured Hamilton cycles in edge-coloured complete graphs
4th October 2012, 2pm Katherine Staden (University of Birmingham) Approximate Hamilton decompositions of regular expanders
10th October 2012, 4pm
(in WAT LRB)
Alexandre Stauffer (Universita Roma Tre) Space-time percolation and detection by mobile nodes
18th October 2012, 2pm Eoin Long (Queen Mary, University of London) Perturbing Sperner's theorem
24th October 2012, 4pm
(in WAT LRA)
Pure Mathematics Colloquium
Prof. S. Velani (University of York)
Diophantine approximation: the Lebesque and Hausdorff theories
1sd November 2012, 2pm Elisabetta Candellero (University of Birmingham) Random walks on free products of groups
8th November 2012, 2pm Matthew Yancey (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Ore's conjecture on color-critical graphs is almost true
15th November 2012, 2pm Asaf Ferber (Tel-Aviv University) Counting and packing hamilton cycles in graphs and digraphs
16th November 2012, 10am
Anusch Taraz (TU München) Colouring embeddable hypergraphs
22nd November 2012, 2pm Denis Clemens (FU Berlin) Fast strategies in Maker- Breaker games played on random boards
29th November 2012, 5.15pm
(in Arts Building LT7)
Daniela Kühn (University of Birmingham) Graph Theory - simple questions which lead to difficult problems
6th December 2011, 2pm Andrew Thomason (University of Cambridge) Independent sets and list colourings of hypergraphs
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