Combinatorics Reading Group

University of Birmingham, Autumn 2016

  • Tuesdays, 2pm in Law LT3 (Building R1)
  • Contact Guillem Perarnau for any question
  • The topic of this term's reading group is Limits of Graphs, both in the dense and in the sparse setting.
  • The main reference is the book Large Networks and Graph Limits of Lazlo Lovasz that can be found here
  • Goals of the reading group include learning tools that may be valuable in your research; learning about new areas and new problems; and practicing giving good mathematical talks.
  • Spring 2016 reading group
  • Fall 2015 reading group


October 4. Introduction to Graph Limits (Chapters 1-4) Guillem Perarnau.
October 11. Graph Homomorphisms (Chapter 5) Alberto Espuny.
October 18. Kernels, Graphons and Cut Distance (Chapters 7-8) Padraig Condon.
October 25. Szemeredi Partitions (Chapter 9) Nicolas Sanhueza-Matamala.

November 1. Sampling (Chapter 10) Tassio Naia Dos Santos.
November 8. Convergence of Dense Graphs Sequences (Chapter 11) Stefan Glock.
November 15. Property Testing (Chapter 15) Wei En Tan.
November 22. Graphings (Chapter 18) Robert Hancock.
November 29. Convergence of Bounded Degree Graphs (Chapter 19) Matthew Coulson.
December 6. Right Convergence of Bounded Degree Graphs (Chapter 20) Frederick Garbe.