09 Jan 15:00 Samuel Johnson (University of Birmingham) The trophic structure of directed graphs Physics West 106
16 Jan 15:00 Tom Hutchcroft (University of Cambridge) Self-avoiding walk in ∞ + 1 dimensions Watson LTA
23 Jan 15:00 Lazlo Vegh (LSE) A Constant-Factor Approximation Algorithm for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem Physics West 106
30 Jan 15:00 Florian Lehner (University of Warwick) Bounding the cop-number of a graph in terms of its genus Watson LTA
06 Feb 15:00 Matthew Coulson (University of Birmingham) Rainbow spanning subgraphs of graphs with large minimum degree Physics West 106
13 Feb 15:00 Minmin Wang (University of Bath) Scaling limits of critical inhomogeneous random graphs Watson LTA
20 Feb 15:00 Katherine Staden (University of Oxford) The minimum number of triangles in a graph of given order and size Physics West 106
27 Feb 15:00 Padraig Condon (University of Birmingham) A bandwidth theorem for approximate decompositions Watson LTA
07 Mar 16:00 Imre Leader (University of Cambridge Tilings with arbitrary tiles (Colloquium talk) Watson LTA
13 Mar 15:00 Christoph Koch (University of Warwick) The size of the giant component in random hypergraphs: a short proof Watson LTA
20 Mar 15:00 Michal Przykucki (University of Oxford) Shotgun Assembly of the Hypercube R17/18

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