Multi-Scale Biology Study Group

University of Birmingham, 12th-15th December 2017

The University of Birmingham, with funding from the UK Multi-Scale Biology Network, hosted a Multi-Scale Biology Study Group from 12th-15th December 2017. This event brought together biologists, clinicians and scientists in industry with mathematicians to tackle research questions posed by the experimentalists. The event followed the first Multi-Scale Biology Study Group held in 2016.


A brief report on the overall meeting is available here.

  1. Understanding the solution behaviour of viral nanoparticles
  2. Modelling of electrokinetic pre-concentration
  3. Single Molecule DNA Mapping
  4. Compliance and transient flows in microvascular anastomoses
  5. Model fitting and calibration uncertainty for biomarker based estimates of ancient ocean temperatures



Local organising committee: Rosemary Dyson, Meurig Gallagher, Dave Smith.

MSB-Net lead: Markus Owen