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Back row (left to right): Paul Roberts, Dave Smith, Rosemary Dyson, Tom Montenegro-Johnson, George Youlden, Gemma Cupples, Will Thomson.
Front row (left to right): Clare Ziegler, Sara Jabbari, Meurig Gallagher, James Tyrrell, Craig Holloway.
First group photo! by Kris Kuzniar, May 2016.


28th November 2018: A belated welcome to Galane Luo, who has joined us as a Research Fellow, and farewell to Paul Roberts, who is moving to Sussex after a 3 year position here - best wishes and good luck Paul! Also belated congratulations to Dr Chloe Spalding on passing her viva.

8th June 2018: New arxiv submission: Sharp quadrature error bounds for the nearest-neighbor discretization of the regularized stokeslet boundary integral equation by M.T. Gallagher, D. Choudhuri and D.J. Smith.

4th June 2018: Congratuations to Dr Meurig Gallagher, winner of the Iwan Lewis-Jones Young Scientist Prize at the British Andrology Society Meeting 2018.

1st June 2018: We welcome our new colleague, Panayiota Katsamba, who has joined us as a Research Fellow.

18th April 2018: New arxiv submission: Modelling pulsatile blood flow through surgically coupled microvascular anastomoses by M.T. Gallagher.

18th April 2018: We look forward to welcoming our new colleague, Panayiota Katsamba, who will be joining us from the University of Cambridge as a Research Fellow working with Dr Tom Montenegro-Johnson on the EPSRC-funded project Artificial Transforming Swimmers for Precision Microfluidics Tasks.

26th February 2018: Congratulations to Chloe on her PLoS Computational Biology paper Mathematical modelling of the antibiotic-induced morphological transition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, online today.

12th January 2018: New arxiv submission: Meshfree and efficient modelling of swimming cells (M.T. Gallagher and D.J. Smith). Update May 2018: now online with Physical Review Fluids.

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Principal investigators

  Dr Rosemary Dyson (Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of School for Equality and Diversity)
  Dr Sara Jabbari (Senior Lecturer)
  Dr Tom Montenegro-Johnson (Lecturer)
  Professor Dave Smith (Head of Applied Mathematics Group)
  Dr Fabian Spill (Lecturer)
  Dr Samuel Johnson (Lecturer)

Research fellows

Dr Meurig Gallagher (funded by EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Award to DJS)
Dr Gemma Cupples (funded by EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Award to DJS)
Dr Panayiota Katsamba (funded by EPSRC Bright Ideas award to TDMJ)
Dr Galane Luo (funded by University of Birmingham, working with RJD)

PhD students

James Tyrrell (2015-18, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award, working with RJD and DJS)
Will Thomson (2015-18, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award, working with SJ and DJS)
Matt Hopwood (2016-19, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award joint with Univerity of Adelaide, working with RJD and Dr Ed Green)
George Youlden (2016-19, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award joint with University of Nottingham, working with SJ and Prof. John King)
Clare Ziegler (2016-19, Birmingham Institute of Forestry Research, working with Dr Iain Johnston, School of Biosciences and RJD)
Atticus Hall-McNair (2017-20, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award, working with DJS, TDMJ and MTG)
Cara Neal (2017-20, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award, working with DJS, MTG and TDMJ)
Euan Smithers (2017-20, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award, working with RJD)
Matthew Clowe (2018-21, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award, working with TDMJ)


Rosemary Dyson
Meurig Gallagher
Sara Jabbari
Samuel Johnson
Tom Montenegro-Johnson
Dave Smith
Fabian Spill


twitter: Rosemary J Dyson, Meurig Gallagher, Dave Smith, Fabian Spill
www: Dave Smith, Meurig T Gallagher, Tom Montenegro-Johnson
UoB site: Mathematical Biology

Current and Recent Funding


Bright Ideas Award to TDMJ
Healthcare Technologies Challenge Award to DJS
First Grant to RJD
Doctoral Training Award to UoB


New Investigator Grant to SJ
iCASE Award to DJS and RJD

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

Research Fellowship to TDMJ
(Group members also have co-investigator roles on grants from BBSRC, MRC).


For research-related queries, PI email addresses are:

If you are interested in postdoctoral positions at the University of Birmingham, please visit the University jobs site (positions are not directly available from PIs).

We are also keen to support applications for externally-funded fellowships (EPSRC, Marie-Curie, Newton etc.) by highly-qualified candidates who would like to join our group.

If you are interested in PhD study, please visit our findaphd page to view projects and apply via the online system. Please note that funding is generally only available to UK/EU nationals.