A Scientific Meeting in Memory of Professor John Blake

School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, UK.

Watson Building, Lecture Room A, Wednesday 12th-Thursday 13th July 2017

Preceded by an early-career workshop on Tuesday 11th July

Professor John Blake (1947-2016) was a leading figure in applied mathematics in the UK and internationally. John played a leading role in establishing and maintaining the UK mathematical community's activity in Bubble Dynamics and Low Reynolds number biological flows, having extensive interaction and influence on industry, defence and biology. 19 of his papers have over 100 citations and indeed work from when he began his career in the early 1970s is currently receiving more attention from applied mathematicians and other scientists than ever. John was also generous in his support for younger colleagues, supervising 22 PhD students and mentoring 17 postdoctoral researchers. John Blake's principal contributions are in the areas of:

  1. Biological fluid dynamics
  2. Bubble Dynamics
  3. Mathematics and STEM education

To commemorate John Blake's major achievements, a scientific meeting will be held at the University of Birmingham, UK, where he spent over twenty years, including several periods as Head of School. The main meeting will take place 12th-13th July, preceded by an early-career workshop on 11th July.

  1. Wednesday 12th July will be the inaugural meeting of the UK Fluids Network Special Interest Group in Biologically Active Fluids.
  2. Thursday 13th July: there will be parallel sessions.

Associated with the Biologically Active Fluids SIG, there will be a workshop for postgraduate students and early-career academics on 11th July.


Registration for 11th-12th is via the University of Birmingham online shop. It is envisaged that delegates may wish to attend only specific parts of the event, and so registration will be on a day-by-day basis.

Free registration for the events of 13th July is available via Google Forms.


We acknowledge support from the EPSRC UK Fluids Network (EP/N032861/1), the IMA Small Grant Scheme, and the University of Birmingham.


For all queries, please contact Dave Smith.