Graduate Students

Current graduate students:

  • Faiza Bait Ali Sulaiman (year 4 PhD, O/S government funded). Supervision cover for Prof. John Leach, and jointly-supervised with Prof. Dave Needham, researching travelling wave solutions to Burgers' equation with a time-dependent coefficient.
  • Cara Neal (year 2 PhD, EPSRC DTA). Jointly-supervised with Dr Tom Montenegro-Johnson (TDMJ), Dr Meurig Gallagher (MTG) and Dr Jackson Kirkman-Brown (JKB), researching sperm motility in non-Newtonian fluids.
  • Atticus Hall-McNair (year 2 PhD, EPSRC DTA). Jointly-supervised with TDMJ and MTG, researching biological nanofibre dynamics.

Current co-supervision:

  • Will Thomson (year 4 PhD, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award). Lead-supervised by Dr Sara Jabbari, researching T-cell dynamics in immune reconstitution
  • James Tyrrell (year 4 PhD, EPSRC Doctoral Training Award). Lead-supervised by RJD, researching plant biomechanics
  • Jack Brazier (year 1 PhD, School of Chemistry DTA). Lead-supervised by Dr Rob Neely, researching fluorescent DNA barcodes.
(I am nominally co-supervisor to a number of other students in Mathematics and other schools - only those I meet regularly are listed above.)

Previous graduate students:

  • Dr Gemma Cupples (BBSRC Industrial CASE). Jointly-supervised with Dr Rosemary Dyson (RJD), researching transversely-isotropic fluids and applications in pathogen detection: ethesis (2018). Gemma is now a Research Fellow in my group.
  • Dr Allison Davies. Co-supervised by RJD, researched colonic mixing and drug delivery: ethesis (2014). Allison is now a secondary school teacher.
Previous (substantive) co-supervision:
  • Dr Craig Holloway. Lead-supervised by RJD, researched stability of transversely-isotropic and active fluids. Passed viva December 2016, now works for Tessella.
  • Dr Tom Montenegro-Johnson. Lead-supervised by Prof. John Blake (JRB), researched finite element modelling of sperm motility: ethesis (2013). Following a postdoctoral position at DAMTP, Cambridge, Tom re-joined the School as a PI in 2016.
  • Dr Andy Smith. Lead supervised by JRB, researched left-right symmetry breaking flow in embryonic development: ethesis (2013). Andy now works in the energy industry.

I also contributed to the supervision of Dr Paul Wakeley (with JRB and Dr Eamonn Gaffney), who researched sperm motility and embryonic transport in the fallopian tubes: ethesis (2009). Paul now works in the energy industry.

Finally, my own thesis ('Modelling Muco-ciliary Transport in the Lung', supervised by Profs. Eamonn Gaffney and John Blake) is available here: ethesis (2006).