School of Mathematics, Birmingham University

Deryk Osthus


01/2019-12/2021:   PI for EPSRC grant "Approximate structure in large graphs and hypergraphs"
03/2015-02/2018:   co-I for EPSRC grant "Randomized approaches to combinatorial packing and covering problems"
12/2012-11/2018:   PI for ERC Starting grant "Asymptotic properties of graphs"
06/2012-05/2014:   PI for EPSRC grant "Edge-colourings and Hamilton decompositions of graphs"
10/2010-07/2013:   co-I for FP7 Marie Curie fellowship "Problems in Extremal Graph Theory"
10/2007-03/2011:   co-I for EPSRC grant "The regularity method for directed graphs"
08/2007-11/2009:   PI for EPSRC first grant "Graph expansion and applications"