Chris Good's Research Page

Last up date 18th May 2012. I'll update these pages from time to time.


My research is in analytic and set theoretic topology and topological dynamics. My particular interests include (in no particular order): generalised metric spaces and monotonicity; Dowker spaces and normality in products; the role of the Axiom of Choice in topology; the construction of counterexamples; topological dynamics; topologies making given mappings continuous; the structure of omega-limit sets; symbolic dynamics of tent maps.

I collaborate with a number of colleagues and friends around the world including Auckland, Bristol, Krakow, Oxford, Texas and Toronto.

If you don't know any topology then the Topology Atlas is a good place to find out.

Papers and Preprints

If you know some general topology you can get a better idea of the sort of things I am interested in by looking at a list of my publications and preprints.

Graduate Students

Lylah Haynes was awarded her PhD in 2006. Her thesis was on Monotonizations of countable paracompactness

Tom Parker was awarded his MPhil in 2007. His thesis was on Sharkovskii's theorem and chaotic dynamical systems.

Andrew Barwell (2007-2010): Andy's thesis, Omega-limit sets of discrete dynamical systems, looked at the topological structure of omega-limit sets.

Syahida binti Che Dzul-Kifli (March 2008-2012): Syahida's thesis title is Chaotic dynamical systems, she looks at questions around Devaney's definition of chaos, in particular density of periodic points.

Amna Ahmed (July 2008-2012): Amna's thesis title is Abstract topological dynamics, she looks at topologies on a countable sets that make a given map continuous and orders on a countable set that make a given map order preserving.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos (2008-) will be working on characterizations of ordinal spaces.

If you are interested in studying for a postgraduate degree with me, please e-mail me: (my contact details are on my homepage ). There is a lively postgraduate maths group in Birmingham and we encourage applications from around the world. For details of postgraduate courses and how to apply, see the School's Admissions web pages.

The Galway Topology Colloquia

The Galway Topology Colloquium is an annual meeting for topologists from Eire, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. It is a deliberately informal meeting where talks do not have to be new research and graduates are particularly encouraged to attend and talk.

The Topology Atlas

The Atlas is an excellent site for all things topological. It also runs a very useful (free) conference service: click here for details.

The Oxford Analytic Topology Group

I have close links with the Oxford Analytic Topology Group.