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School of Mathematics


University of Birmingham






B15 2TT







Watson Building 1.12







My interests include

- extremal combinatorics
- partially ordered sets
- probabilistic methods
- partitioning problems
- Hamilton cycle problems


Publications and Preprints


Mixing of the Glauber Dynamics for the Ferromagnetic Potts Model

(with Magnus Bordewich and Catherine Greenhill).

(submitted). ( PDF )


Proof of a Conjecture of Thomassen on Hamilton Cycles in Highly Connected Tournaments

(with Daniela Kuhn, John Lapinskas, and Deryk Osthus).

(submitted). ( PDF )


Poset Limits Can Be Totally Ordered

(with Jan Hladky, Andras Mathe, and Oleg Pikhurko).

(submitted). ( Arxiv )


Tight Inequalities Among Set Hitting Times in Markov Chains

(with Simon Griffiths, Ross Kang, and Ro­­­­berto Oliveira).

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (to appear). ( Arxiv )


 Reconfiguration Graphs for Vertex Colourings of Chordal and Chordal Bipartite Graphs 

(with Marthe Bonamy, Matthew Johnson, Ioannis Lignos, and Daniel Paulsma).

J. Combinatorial Optimization (to appear). ( PDF )



On Toughness and Hamiltonicity of 2K2-free Graphs

(with Hajo Broersma and Artem Pyatkin).

J. Graph Theory (to appear). ( PDF )


Tight Complexity Bounds for FPT Subgraph Problems Parameterized by Clique-width

(with Hajo Broersma and Petr Golovach).

Theoretical Computer Science (to appear). ( PDF )


The Complexity of Finding Uniform Sparsest Cuts in Various Graph Classes

(with Hajo Broersma, Paul Bonsma, and Artem Pyatkin).

J. Discrete Algorithms 14 (2012) 136-149. ( Online )


Determining Edge-Expansion and Other Connectivity Measures of Graphs of Bounded Genus

SIAM Journal on Computing (to appear). ( PDF )


Generalizing First-Fit to Obtain Online Ecological Colourings

(with Matthew Johnson, Daniel Paulusma, and Theophile Trunck)

(submitted) ( PDF )


Average Relational Distance in Linear Extensions of Posets

(with Graham Brightwell)

Discrete Math. 310 (2010), no. 5, 1016-1021. ( PDF )


Partitioning Posets

Order 25 (2008), no. 2, 131-152. ( PS )


Cutting Two Graphs Simultaneously

J. Graph Theory 57 (2008), no. 1, 19-32. ( PDF )


Unions of Perfect Matchings in Cubic Graphs and Implications of the Berge-Fulkerson Conjecture - preprint


Partitions of Combinatorial Structures - Thesis ( PS )


Brief Biography

June 2012 – present: I am currently a postdoc in the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. I am working on an EPSRC project entitled “Edge Colourings and Hamilton Decompositions of Graphs” with Deryk Osthus.


November 2011 – June 2012: I was a postdoc in the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at the University of Durham. I was working on an EPSRC project entitled “Approximation and Mixing Times in the Ferromagnetic Potts Model” with Magnus Bordewich.


April 2009 – November 2011: I was a postdoc in the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at the University of Durham. I was working on an EPSRC project entitled “Structural Vulnerability Measures for Networks and Graphs” with Hajo Broersma.


2005-2009: I was a PhD student at the London School of Economics under the supervision of Graham Brightwell and Jan van den Heuvel.


2001-2005: I was an undergraduate in mathematics at the University of Cambridge, where I also did Part III Mathematics (Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics).